Contact Center Solution

Always talking to the right agent.

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Do your agents in the contact center often need advice about how to give the right answer to a client right away? Is the average handling time too long? Increase the first time fix and reduce the average call duration by introducing the skill-based routing by Pridis: Connecsy Enterprise Tila.

Contact Center application

The flexibility and scalability of the Connecsy Enterprise Tila make it an ideal solution for a small or medium contact center. It can be set up without heavy cc suppliers having to design a new platform.

Skill-based routing leads to substantial advantages as you route calls to the agent who has the most knowledge of the subject. It also helps to prevent additional costs for recurring calls, because the number of calls being handled correctly the first time will increase considerably.

Distribute incoming calls

Skill-based routing is a distribution mechanism of incoming calls within your contact center or customer service. Based on this software you will be able to distribute incoming calls to agents with the appropriate knowledge level. One or more skills can be assigned to agents to assure the most efficient call handling. Skill-based routing can be applied to incoming calls but also emails and chat.

Manage your routing online

In a simple online dashboard, you can assign agents to multiple skills and queues. This set of skills determines the level of knowledge of the agent that’s way calls are handled efficiently and effectively and your first-time fix will increase.
The Tila solution ensures that:

• Employees are able to log on to multiple queues
• Different skills (weight) for different queues can be assigned based on agent knowledge
• The queues are provided with a visible monitoring system e.g. by a central wallboard
• The monitoring system facilitates elaborate reporting
• Calls can be recorded and played back Reporting

The reporting options within a CC and system are based on the key performance indicators. This means that reports are based on the average waiting time, average disconnect time, number of missed calls, number of answered calls, how many agents were available at a certain moment, average handling time, etc.

The bridge between Skype for Business and existing telephony: Pridis Connecsy Enterprise Tila

The purpose of the console is to support multiple communication environments, wherein it is possible to show the status of the users. With Tila it is possible to create a common operating telephony platform within the Microsoft environment, using existing connectivity software such as traditional telephony, Skype for Business, and mobile solutions. Also, Connecsy Enterprise can be implemented as a cloud solution.

Linking existing data

The Tila UC application uses data from the customer’s organization and can supplement it with external data from mobile networks and can make voice connections with other communication environments. Calendar information in combination with location and device information provides a complete picture of the status and availability of the person you want to communicate with. The user interface of Tila is designed by the rules that Microsoft sets for Skype for Business. Voice, video, and text messages can be operated from one platform using various databases providing contact details and availability status.