Connecsy | Enterprise™

The efficient and professional attendant console for your accessibility challenges.

In order to do business efficiently, you want be able to guarantee a fast response to customer queries. The modern Connecsy | Enterprise™ attendant console not only makes it easy for your employees to answer and forward telephone calls, it also helps them to handle contact with customers very professionally thanks to the additional customer information it provides. Connecsy users can view all the necessary availability and accessibility information at a glance without having to switch between screens. Receptionists can use chat, mail and paging options to pass on call information to individuals or groups in the organisation. Improve your communication and your business performances and increase customer satisfaction.
Key features
Multi Channel
On the same working screen used to handle incoming and outgoing calls, emails can be sent (Microsoft Exchange) and users can chat. In the unlikely event that nobody is available to speak to the customer, with just one click the operator can send an email, chat or call-back message with the name, number and time for a call-back request.
Tailer-made and flexible configurations
The design of the operator console is based on the needs of our existing customers. Connecsy | Enterprise™ is the
result of very close cooperation between users, such as receptionists, and our developers with their knowledge of modern communication capabilities. All settings can be designed specifically for each individual user.
Connecsy Enterprise makes employees accessible, no matter how mobile they are. For an extra personal approach, the user can quickly search (Find-As- You-Type) for internal and external contacts using extra information such as memos, public and private information, local numbers and availability on different platforms. This gives the telephonist immediate access to information about the current out-of-office status of all employees.

System integration

The design of Connecsy Enterprise is based on the philosophy that the console makes an important contribution towards communication optimization, regardless of the size of the business that is using it and the platform on which your software is installed. The Pridis operator console links up seamlessly with your business processes. For example, Pridis integrates your platform with your list of favorites and out-of-office information, and with Outlook as an integral component in the operator console. Pridis has already realized successful connections with numerous platforms, such as Unify, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Clearvox and more.

Flexible Platform

With it’s Whatsapp integration, a customer chat channel is easily added. On the same working screen used to handle incoming and outgoing calls, the attendant can handle multiple chat sessions or quickly lookup chat history for a customer. Need to inform your customer or colleagues? Rapid responses can be sent by emails (Microsoft Exchange) or chat using Microsoft Skype, Teams, or Whatsapp. In the unlikely event that nobody is available to speak to the customer, with just one click the operator can send an email, chat, or call-back message with the name, number, and time for a call-back request.

Get your questions answered
The desktop application is easy to install on your computer. Our team is ready to support you with all the integrations you need to run your business communication smoothly. After installation your employee are ready to go, no matter how mobile they are. Request a quote or consult right away!
Desktop application
Incoming calls are handled on the basis of call information: VIP, urgent, waiting time, etc.
Prioritisation – the telephonist can choose which call will be handled first
The telephonist can create memos and mark numbers for an extra-personal approach
Detailed information, such as availability, internal phonebook and agenda, is displayed in real-time
"Connecsy ensures the continuity of your business"
Much more to learn!
Looking for a solution to your company’s telecommunication’s needs today can be a daunting task. Should we install a traditional PBX? Should we install a premised based VoIP system? Should we deploy a Hosted solution? Maybe a hybrid of technologies would work best. The answers to these questions depend on how your business is structured.

Single location, multi-location, home workers, mobile users all play a role in the system design process. At Pridis we specialize in telecommunication consulting, design, planning and implementation. These are essential keys to deploying a successful communication system tailored specifically to each of our customer’s specific needs. Making the right choice is critical to your company’s success. Whether it’s simply the desire to reduce your company’s current phone bill or the larger challenge of selecting the total telecommunication or workflow solution for your company, Pridis can help. Put our fifteen plus years experience to work for you.
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