Customer satisfaction will go down when nobody answers their calls or the call is not handled in time without you knowing why. We know that without a view on available agents or a sudden increase in call traffic, you will not be able to anticipate.

Our goal is to optimize business processes in a way that continuity, real-time communication between customers and employees is assured. From this drive, we have created Wallboard. Our easy to use, the browser-based solution to view all relevant data so you are in control.
Key features
Wallboard for Customer Contact Groups
Display real-time and daily data visualizations for your ACD and back-office hunt groups through the browser.
Create your layout, easily select the key performance indicators, add websites, video, or other media content, and save your wallboard.
Select Your
Wallboard Layout
You can select one of the available wallboard templates or create your own. A flexible grid enables tight designs. The wallboard will automatically resize to the screen used, even your mobile device.
SaaS or On-premise
Pridis Wallboard is delivered as SaaS or on-premise. With its plug-in data connectors, you can connect Pridis Wallboard to Mitel, Avaya, Unify, and other communication platforms. Or connect it to your Connecsy attendant to monitor performance. Add Pridis Florin and get access to all the historical reports you need.

Wallboard on location

Let's say you have employees on a customer service team working in the same room, handling first-line communications, and you want to gain insight on the number of waiting customers in the queue. Or, you want to know how many calls have already been handled and give the team a boost when they've met their target. Then Wallboard™ is the perfect solution to translate information from the communication platform into real-time numbers via a browser. The flexible layout allows you to display different sources of information from the Internet.

Use on smartphone

Wallboard can also be used on your smartphone. Because our Wallboard displays all the information you want through a browser, you can view real-time information on your smartphone. The responsive design automatically adapts to the screen. The application for smartphones is especially useful for team leaders, to discuss the data during meetings. But also to see the data when you are out of the office or if your team is working from home.

Get your questions answered
Wallboard is available on a web browser. Each layout contains boxes that display key performance indicators, agent lists, RSS feeds, or media as panels. You can drag and drop panels on the wallboard to optimize the visual information. You can filter statistic and agent panels by selecting the groups and agents you want to monitor. Request a quote or consult right away!
Web based display
Real-time performance statistics
Rich media content
View every agent state
Multiple group statistics
Alerting on exceeding thresholds
"Real-time data on business communication performances"
Much more to learn!
Looking for a solution to your company’s telecommunication’s needs today can be a daunting task. Should we install a traditional PBX? Should we install a premised based VoIP system? Should we deploy a Hosted solution? Maybe a hybrid of technologies would work best. The answers to these questions depend on how your business is structured.

Single location, multi-location, home workers, mobile users all play a role in the system design process. At Pridis we specialize in telecommunication consulting, design, planning and implementation. These are essential keys to deploying a successful communication system tailored specifically to each of our customer’s specific needs. Making the right choice is critical to your company’s success. Whether it’s simply the desire to reduce your company’s current phone bill or the larger challenge of selecting the total telecommunication or workflow solution for your company, Pridis can help. Put our fifteen plus years experience to work for you.
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