Pridis provides management software focused on the effectiveness and sustainable deployment of business telecom services. Different Pridis software products are both delivered in an enterprise as an ASP / Saas model. Deliveries are made directly or through partner resellers. To accomplish this service, Pridis has an extensive international dealer network in Europe and the United States.

A clear view on your customer engagement Customer satisfaction will go down when nobody answers their calls or the call is not handled in time without you knowing why. We know that without a view on available agents or sudden increase in call traffic, you will not be able to…

FIONA PRIDIS Digital Employee Powered By AI Fiona Value Proposition Fiona Leaflet Fiona – Digital Employee For Call Centre Customers reduce inbound calls by 30-40% by implementing Fiona into the contact centre. Fiona cooperates with human agents to increase the productivity. Fiona: Deflects calls to digital automation. Answers Frequently Asked…

Connecsy: a user-friendly desktop Operator Console for the Avaya Communication Manager platform.
How personal and efficient is the contact with your customers? Find out what Connecsy can do for you.

The console that makes an important contribution towards your communication optimisation. Already available for numerous platforms, such as Unify, Avaya, Cisco,Mitel, Clearvox and Lync.

The workflow tool that manages your telcom administration and provides real-time cost reports for telephony and operational changes. Simple, effective and in control.

Florin provides reports on telephone accessibility of your company, call handling and telecom expense management. Check out the latest on how to control your telecom costs.

Espa paging system helps you to quickly and reliably alert people and confirm their response in time-critical situations: no confusion and well-organised.

Pridis Reception consoles: powerful, intuitive and affordable In order to do business efficiently, you want be able to guarantee a fast response to customer queries. The Pridis Reception consoles or attendant console not only make it easy for your employees to answer and forward telephone calls, they also help them to handle…

Always the right customer service employee for every question with skill based routing provided by Connecsy Enterprise Tila