Connecsy | Classic™

Connecsy | Classic™ for Avaya Communication Platform
The efficient and professional answer to your accessibility challenges. Whether your business is large or small, efficient communication is always a challenge. Companies are being increasingly confronted with different types of mobile and virtual partnerships. So how personal and efficient is contact with your customers? And how accessible are your employees?

To do business efficiently, you must be able to guarantee a fast response to customer queries.

Connecsy | Classic™: the Avaya Communication Manager solution

The modern Connecsy | Classic™ not only makes it easy to answer and forward telephone calls, but it is also a user-friendly desktop Operator Console for the Avaya Communication Manager platform.

With Connecsy | Classic™, the platform’s administration and operating functions can be implemented using a Windows computer. The Connecsy | Classic™ icon is displayed in the Windows taskbar. When there is incoming traffic, a pop-up screen is displayed and the other Office applications continue to run as normal.

All functions for the integrated administration of calls are displayed on one screen. On the screen, the queue of incoming calls is displayed and there is also a memo field in which the telephonist can display additional customer information. Connecsy | Classic™ can also be operated using only shortcuts, thus minimizing the number of mouse movements. This enables telephone traffic to be handled quickly and also makes it suitable for visually impaired users.

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The screen looks like a normal telephone control panel but contains much more information. All the functions of a standard Avaya operator console are still supported. Thanks to the extensive database, internal and external information such as customer data and calendar data of employees are available, also when working with Microsoft Lync, Outlook, and the Avaya Communication Manager. Moreover, reports about telephone traffic can be derived from Connecsy | Classic™, such as the accessibility of the organization and the performance of the telephonists (numbers of calls, call duration, login time). The possible options also include a detailed accessibility report.

Basic features:
Supports Avaya Aura Communication Manager:
• Connected to the Avaya Operator console
• Displays Avaya telephone status
• Easy to use, all information displayed on one screen
• Click-and-call possible from call history
• VIP call handling, giving priority to caller
• Multiple operators possible
• Reporting capabilities (performance and call handling statistics)
• Integration with Microsoft Calendar
• Available in nine standard languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Optional modules:
• IP Voice call recording
• Integration Microsoft Lync and Outlook out-of-office information
• Chat window
• Braille expansion module for the visually impaired

The adapted workstation for blind telephonists consists of a PC with the same Connecsy | Classic™ software that a seeing telephonist uses. Particularly the following components are adapted:
• a provision for the visually prepared
• special software for the interaction between Connecsy | Classic™ and the Braille reader
• a software-based speech synthesizer