Reception consoles

Pridis Reception consoles: powerful, intuitive and affordable


To do business efficiently, you want be able to guarantee a fast response to customer queries. The Pridis Reception consoles or attendant console not only make it easy for your employees to answer and forward telephone calls, but they also help them to handle contact with customers very professionally thanks to the additional customer information they provide. Users of all our reception console types can view all the necessary availability and accessibility information at a glance without having to switch between screens. Receptionists can use chat, mail, and paging options to pass on-call information to individuals or groups in the organization.

The design of the Reception consoles is based on the needs of our existing customers. Pridis has been developing and supplying consoles for over 16 years. All consoles are the result of very close cooperation between users, such as receptionists, and our developers with their knowledge of modern communication capabilities.

Multiple interfaces

One can choose between a traditional GUI (‘Ronda’) or the Microsoft oriented GUI (‘Tila’). Either way one can select the number of queues to manage, the detailing in the availability status of ones contacts or client information displayed on incoming calls. Moreover, individual requirements regarding the information density on the screen or the mark up for the components are supported by user profiles, in which all settings can be designed specifically for each individual user. The design of the consoles is based on the philosophy that it makes an important contribution towards communication optimization, regardless of the size of the business that is using it and the platform on which your software is installed.


Multiple platforms

The Pridis Reception consoles link up seamlessly with your business processes. For example, Pridis integrates your platform with your list of favorites and out-of-office information, and with Outlook as an integral component in the operator console. Pridis has already realized successful connections with numerous platforms, such as Unify, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Clearvox, and Lync.

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