To help keep your network running smoothly, match your unique business needs to the right support, no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your solution.

Support contract

Pridis offers the possibility of a support contract that gives you the opportunity to get direct solutions if you are experiencing software problems. The contract contains a variety of options on escalation procedures.


The deployment of the Pridis products requires the skills of the user. Pridis provides the necesary workshops and additional information needed to make good use of all products.

To provide personal support during installation, activation and use of its products, Pridis has a Support Team. This team is used to resolve user questions and advising on key issues around use, design and engineering. Optionally a 24/7 assistance is available. Pridis also provides support internationally. This is done through a network of trusted dealers and distributors, who are aware of your local situation.

Access to Support Team is obtained through the Support Helpdesk, which is equipped with the latest technological tools that include remote support.

The Support Help Desk can be reached at:

Support phone: +31 85 008 2915

Support Email: