We are over 20 years good at what we do, we co-create and we are committed to innovation and offering new solutions for future growth, to whatever your communication need.

Pridis holds a valued independent position in the existing telecom vendor market providing strong bridging solutions connecting any existing vendor platform.

Pridis is a leading, European software development company that creates tooling that manages all communication devices and services for organizations.

Who are we?
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Pridis provides management software focused on the effectiveness and sustainable deployment of business telecom and workflow services. Get acquainted with us and have a look at the corporate video.

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Connecsy Enterprise without PCA linked to Skype for Business Until recently, it was necessaire to use a PCA (middleware) to link  Connecsy Enterprise to Skype for Business. Now this has become quite superfluous. We are already able to connect the Connecsy Enterprise to Unify, Avaya IP Office and Clearfox, without the PCA.  With this latest development we can prevent the need for an additional hardware and middleware purchase…
Connecsy Enterprise Contact Center Solution Always talking to the right agent.   Do your agents in the contact center often need advice about how to give the right answer to a client right away? Is the average handling time too long? Increase the first time fix and and reduce the average call duration by introducing…
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