Paging systems: Espa


Espa paging interfacing: organizing the need

When it comes to the (automatic) forwarding of messages to mobile users, no system can match the speed and reliability of paging. Pagers function simply and effectively whatever the circumstances.

That is why organizations prefer to use pagers when the message is important. A pager reaches every corner of a company, even places where other communication devices do not work. And a pager needs very little infrastructure. Pagers have a long life span and require no complex operation. Everybody can learn to use them.

The Espa paging system works so reliably that you can be sure that the message will reach its destination. But we can go one step further. With the response pager, the user can confirm receipt of a message by just pressing a button. In that way, we can provide feedback that action is being taken in response to the message.

Areas of application


Pagers and paging systems have been used for many years in the health sector and in-home nursing (patients can page their helper or nurse). But now they are also used extensively by offices and institutions (to quickly page colleagues working in different locations).

In companies, a reliable paging system for the in-house emergency team is a must, because it is an indispensable addition to safety at work.


For schools, a paging system is an ideal call system – with a button installed in every classroom for example, so that a teacher can quickly call a colleague, manager, or janitor.

Hospitality sector

In the hospitality sector, pagers are particularly suitable for communication between the kitchen and the waiting staff. When the kitchen sends a message that an order is ready to be served, the message does not always reach the waiting staff, especially not if the restaurant has an outdoor area or if long distances have to be covered. With a paging system, the chef can choose exactly when to call the waiting staff.

Waiter call system
You no longer need to wave to waiting staff to attract their attention. Particularly in an outdoor cafe, it is often annoying if you want to order something or pay your bill and cannot attract the waiter’s attention. With Espa, you increase the level of service and the turnover rate of your table.

Hotel sector

In the hotel sector, paging systems include a range of options such as contact between reception and waiting staff and other employees.

Espa paging system helps you to quickly and reliably alert people and confirm their response in time-critical situations? no confusion and well-organized. The system automatically delivers messages, collects a response, and escalates to third parties. Added to this, it has the capability to create reports that are suitable for analysis.

Basic features

  • Call forwarding options
  • Out-of-office detection
  • Out-of-office routing
  • Alerting
  • Freely adjustable alarm codes
  • Conversion of extension numbers to pager numbers
  • User-adjustable voice prompts
  • Reports