Florin: Flexible Telecom Management Tool



Accessibility can never be taken for granted when communication is your strongest link with your customers. Experience has shown that around 20% of calls to businesses are not answered. Can you afford not to be 100% accessible?

Every organization with high levels of call traffic benefits from having a clear idea about its accessibility and the measurement of incoming, outgoing, and internal traffic. That gives you a clear insight into the number of telephones, the way calls are handled and the way calls are distributed in the organization.

Clear accessibility reports

Florin helps you to locate any bottlenecks in your organization’s external and internal telephone accessibility. Based on the measured call flows and call data, information is compiled in standard reports that use large numbers of filters and specify the levels of telephone accessibility related to:

• Customer contact to your organisation
• Customer contact from your organisation
• Internal contact between reception, departments and employees
• Contact between front-office and back-office
• Telephone traffic between different locations.

The extensive set of reports is designed so that the right manager can be given the right information so that he/she can intervene in the primary workflow, if necessary.

Workflow and TEM

With Florin, you are always fully aware of the latest developments in terms of your accessibility and in terms of how efficiently telephone calls made to and in your organisation are handled. You also have full control over your telecommunication costs thanks to the information that you have about the number of telephones, contracts and delivery conditions inside your organization.

Telecom expense management

Research has shown that more than 50% of companies do not know how much they spend on telecom in an average year. It is equally worrying that more than 40% of them are sure that telecom costs will increase in the future, particularly because employees are using more and more advanced mobile equipment and more varied services. In short, many companies are not sure of their exact telecom costs, but they do know that they are increasing all the time.

If the combination of uncertainty and rising costs sounds familiar, then our TEM solution is exactly what you need. It gives you a detailed overview of all your telecom expenditure fixed or mobile so that you can identify excess spending and save costs. With hosted telecom too it is important to be aware of your expenditure so that you can gear your contract format to your spending.


You can access Florin through the web browser, and the available information is role-dependent. Reports can be emailed automatically to the right people in the organization. Using a web interface, users receive direct access to their entrance to the dashboard.

Control information for multiple layers in the organisation

End users

End users particularly need information about their use and consumption. They are only allowed to access their data (especially costs such as private/work-related use, as well as call behavior and accessibility). Users who are aware of their communication behavior and have an insight into the related cost pattern will change their behavior in a positive sense. This can lead to 40% lower costs for telecom and service management.

Management-oriented users

Management-oriented users are mainly located in the organization’s primary process. They analyze the available information, manage the system based on behavior and, where applicable, intervene in the telecom system to make administrative or technical adjustments.

Administration-oriented users

The administration-oriented users have access to the Florin contract and asset manager. They financially and technically monitor the day-to-day business related to the telephony system and, where applicable, they can intervene in the system in the case of abuse or alerts issued by Florin, for example.

The benefits

For the user

• The solution is fully web-based.
• Transparent information about user authorization and telecom devices.
• Logical classification of users and communication tools in an organizational structure to facilitate the allocation of resources, costs, and reports.

For your business operations

• Accessibility module so you can measure the accessibility of the organization, departments, locations, and users and then report on them and regularly distributed those reports by email.
• Interactive click-through structure to make reports and data transparent.
• Call Tracking Module for a detailed insight into the calls made in the organization, based, for example, on-peak hours per day, volume tendency, missed calls, and calls outside office hours.
• Invoicing system with direct debit (SEPA) options. Contract Management enables you to actively manage multiple telecom contracts.

Basic features:

• Data exchange with a wide range of financial systems, Exact, administrative systems.
• Florin is supplied as a product in a CAPEX model, as a service in a SaaS (Software as a Service model) or as a combination of the two.
• Capacity to import the cost records delivered by your mobile provider.
• Charging and invoicing to internal and external parties.
• Email alert if there are changes in the system information or if undesirable telephone numbers are used.